Food Policy: Lots to Do with a Limited Number of Legislative Days

Policy wonks could say that they have been thrilled these past two weeks.  Congress spent a great deal of time dealing with specific issues related to nutrition standards, and finished with a historic joint committee hearing that focused on the inte… Read More
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Added Sugars Labeling Proposal Dropped by Health Canada

Two billion dollars – that is what FDA estimates the food industry will spend to comply with proposed changes to the iconic “Nutrition Facts” label.  Part of that cost includes keeping records showing how much sugars companies add to processed… Read More
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Not Worried About the CPSC? Better Think Again!

I am honored to be a new addition to the talented legal team here at OFW Law. Since joining the firm two weeks ago, I have been amazed at the breadth, depth and diversity of the talent here. Since the firm includes not only exceptional lawyers and po… Read More
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The California Raisin Show: Last Gasp for the New Deal's Supply Controls?

By John G. Dillard and Jerry Chapin Do USDA’s mandatory supply controls violate the Fifth Amendment even if they are intended to prop up commodity prices? According to the Supreme Court, the answer is “yes.” On Monday June 22nd, all… Read More
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Doom and Gloom: FSIS Provides Recommendations to Retailers on Listeria Control

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has authority under the Federal Meat and Poultry Products Inspection Acts to ensure that products are not adulterated at retail and at all steps in the distribution chain. Retail operations are generally… Read More
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RMA Announces Expanded Crop Insurance Options

USDA’s Risk Management Agency has issued a press release announcing an expansion of the crop insurance program to address losses due to severe weather. Among the changes, RMA has broadened the options for farmers who select the Supplemental Cov… Read More
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Salmonella in Raw Products – Can FSIS Request a Recall?

I am often asked whether or not the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) can request a recall for meat or poultry products merely because the products test positive for Salmonella.  The answer to that question today is no.  However, there are… Read More
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John Block: Bird Flu

There is no industry more volatile or more uncertain than agriculture. The drought came and Texas and Oklahoma ranchers had to sell their cattle – not enough feed. Beef prices shot up. We still don’t have enough beef. The pork industry was hit wi… Read More
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Device Firms: What You Should Know About The 21st Century Cures Act

Last month, legislation that would affect, among other things, FDA’s regulation of medical devices and the manufacturers of such devices took a considerable step forward when it was introduced and then unanimously approved by the House Energy and C… Read More
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How Much Rain Has Fallen In Texas?

In the month of May, Texas received over 35 trillion gallons of rain.  See the graphic, below, to put that into perspective. Many prayers were answered as we went from extreme drought to an overabundance of rainfall.  Truly a blessing!  It is much… Read More
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