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Edward R. Teitel, MD, FACS, JD, MBA*

Phone: 202-789-1212

Dr. Edward Teitel is Of Counsel to Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz PC.

Dr. Teitel practiced general, peripheral vascular, and endoscopic surgery for many years. He earned his M.D. degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. He is a Fellow, American College of Surgeons. After earning his M.B.A. at Auburn University and his Juris Doctor at the University of Houston, he entered the medical device industry in 2002, joining MicroMed Cardiovascular (now Reliant Heart) as Senior Vice-president and Chief Medical Officer. MicroMed's key product is the Heart Assist 5® (formerly the DeBakey Ventricular Assist Device). In 2005, he co-founded ThromboVision, Inc. and its successor company, Aggredyne, Inc., a medical device company focused on monitoring platelet function and the effectiveness of anti-platelet drugs like aspirin and clopidogrel (Plavix®), prasugrel (Effient®) and ticagrelor (Brilinta®). As a medical device executive, Dr. Teitel has been active in all phases of early stage company growth, including obtaining funding, clinical trial design, physician and site training, risk analysis, project management, regulatory affairs, legal and compliance matters, operations, and staffing issues. In his law practice, he has played an active role in managing recall issues and products liability matters, as well as medical staff and credentialing matters. When dealing with legal issues involving medical device and pharma companies, he brings these experiences, skills and strategic knowledge to bear on every matter. Dr. Teitel is a member of the Texas and U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas bars.

*Practice within the District of Columbia is limited to matters and proceedings before federal courts and agencies.