Play It Again SAM: Federal Judge Orders FNS to Remove Owner of Disqualified SNAP Retailer from SAM List

Owners of supermarkets and convenience stores are generally not aware that one of the perils of participating in the SNAP program may be placement on the General Services Administration’s System for Award Management list of excluded and disqualifie… Read More
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Trade Practices Warning: Colorable Imitation of a Trademark or Trade Dress Must Be Avoided

Federal and State laws protect the efforts that food manufacturers/distributors put into promoting customer recognition of, and trust in, their products. Use of a trademark and/or trade dress on packaging are the commercial means typically employed t… Read More
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Which Food Labeling Claims Put You Most at Risk of a Class Action Lawsuit?

Food labeling class actions — which food labeling claims put you most at risk of a lawsuit? Popular claims regarding ingredient content or processing methods are often the most common targets for class actions. Read the views of OFW Law, as rep… Read More
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Upcoming Webinar: Avoiding the Food Labeling Class Action Trap

The food and beverage industry is facing an unprecedented number of threats from class action cases alleging misleading labeling and advertising. Approximately two new lawsuits against manufacturers, distributors and retailers were filed each week in… Read More
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Starbucks Slack-Fill Class Action Holds No Water … or Milk Foam

Tall, Grande, and Venti are terms well-known to many American consumers looking for a latte or mocha at one of more than 13,000 Starbucks locations in the United States. Most, if not all, of those consumers are aware that Starbucks baristas typically… Read More
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Up in Flames: Ninth Circuit Upholds Certification in “100% Natural” Wesson Oil Class Action

In a January 3, 2017, decision likely to have broad implications in food class action litigation, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a California federal district court judge’s decision certifying a consumer class action brought by purchas… Read More
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