Forestry and Natural Resources

Forest Management and Forest Service Attorneys and Advisors

OFW Law Attorneys and Senior Policy Advisors (SPA’s) have extensive background and experience in forest management, particularly public lands management and Forest Service issues. Members of the OFW team have been involved in Forest Service issues on behalf of timber clients across the United States, and have assisted clients, including companies and associations, in developing strong working relationships with both the political and career leaders who set policy and tone for the agency.

The OFW team follows Forest Service timber contracting practices closely, and monitors forest outputs on a quarterly basis. The attorneys and SPA’s also understand the larger USDA bureaucracy within which the Forest Service functions, and have assisted forest management clients in addressing proposed regulations from other USDA agencies that would impact forest management, including proposed wood quarantines from APHIS, water quality regulations from EPA, and carbon accounting issues promulgated by CEQ.

OFW Attorneys and SPA’s have extensive Congressional background with all of the committees of jurisdiction over forest management, including the Agriculture Committees, Energy & Natural Resources Committees, and Appropriations Subcommittees that develop annual budget for the Forest Service, as well as a strong background on USDA’s personnel and process for developing forest policies.

In addition to a complete understanding of the Forest Service, OFW attorneys and SPA’s understand the complex interaction of Federal natural resource laws (Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act) and the interests of both forest products manufacturers and forest land managers and owners.

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