Risk Management and Crop Insurance

Skilled FCIC and RMA Attorneys

Protecting crops, livestock, and business with appropriate risk management tools is crucial today for farmers and agribusiness alike, and OFW attorneys are active in all aspects of the Federal crop insurance program under the USDA Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) and Risk Management Agency (RMA). Our team has represented players on every side of this fast-growing program, including approved insurance providers (AIPs), agents, farmers, product developers, and grower associations. In just one area, new insurance policies, we assisted in the approval of Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) for cattle, hogs, and lamb, margin protection for wheat and rice, plus new coverages for oysters, barley, biotech corn, and many others. Prior to this, we helped establish one of the country’s first successful risk retention groups.

Responding to recent drought in much of the country, we assisted drought-hit farmers in Oklahoma and Texas win significant settlements in controversial claims under FCIC policies. In an earlier case, we assisted several hundred Minnesota sugar beet producers in a major arbitration to defend their coverage for widespread freeze losses. We have also worked extensively with insurance providers, helping AIPs both in entering the business and in addressing oversight issues with RMA. On another front, we successfully urged changes in rules on treatment of indebted farmers and, working with farmer trade associations and product developers, we actively participated in efforts to improve coverage through provisions of the 2014 Farm Bill.

Our attorneys in the crop insurance and risk management field bring unique depth of experience from both government and the private sector, covering federal crop insurance to futures, derivatives trading, risk retention, and traditional insurance. Our lawyers are skilled at helping clients navigate complicated federal and state regimes and business structures under which farmers and agribusiness must operate. Whether the goal is to develop cost-effective risk management solutions to business needs, to respond to agriculture loss emergencies, or to operate effectively within the insurance provider industries, we can help.

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