Washington D.C. Attorneys Advocating for Native American Tribes

Holding the government to its word requires not only a strong will, but thorough research, a knowledge of treaties, detailed preparation, and an understanding of Indian cultures. At OFW Law, we intervene on behalf of Native American tribes in their interactions with government agencies. This is especially important in matters involving the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and trust lands. Our lawyers review the terms under which the U.S. government holds lands in trust for Indian tribes. We are prepared to hold the government accountable for any violation or misuse.

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing native peoples and are licensed to practice in tribal courts. We are prepared with the knowledge and resources necessary to go before agencies and courts to remedy problems and ensure adherence to the law.

Indian Tribes as Sovereign States

The complex interaction between Indian tribes and the U.S. government is a relationship between sovereigns. An understanding of government-to-government dealings and treaties is essential. At OFW Law, we have a deep appreciation of the special relationship of the sovereigns.

Representative Work in Indian Law

When the Army Corps of Engineers failed to consult with South Dakota tribes regarding water levels on Indian lands, our firm brought suit against the Secretary of Defense on behalf of affected tribes. As a result of our action, the Corps and the Department of Defense settled and pledged to abide by the federal government's obligations to interact with sovereign Indian nations on a government-to-government basis.

Working for the Future of the Indian Nations

Our Indian law attorneys understand how to bring legal action against the government, as well as how to interact with tribal agencies. We have worked with tribes on issues related to the Indian Health Service (IHS) and handled a number of matters involving the BIA.

Our skill and decades of experience with Indian tribes are important assets when dealing with federal or state authorities who may not fully abide by their obligations. We have a proven track record of success on behalf of our sovereign nation clients.

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