How “Brexit” Will Impact Agriculture and Trade

Voters in the UK sent shockwaves rippling through the marketplace when they voted to leave the European Union. Markets don’t appreciate uncertainty and no one knows exactly how or when the “Brexit” will be executed or what trade environment wil… Read More
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How Much Rain Has Fallen In Texas?

In the month of May, Texas received over 35 trillion gallons of rain. See the graphic, below, to put that into perspective. Many prayers were answered as we went from extreme drought to an overabundance of rainfall. Truly a blessing! It is much more… Read More
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Phil Olsson and Rick Frank on 35 Years of Life at OFW

Phil: Rick, it’s hard to believe that 35 years have passed since we started this firm as a two-lawyer shop in 1979. Rick: It sure is. I remember working with you at the law firm I joined fresh out of the University of Michigan Law School, and which… Read More
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Food Security from the Tractor Seat

Last week’s headlines announced the arrival of higher food prices with more increases to come because of widespread drought in California and Texas. Talk of climate change and its effect on food production in some circles has taken on a new sense o… Read More
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OFW Law Celebrates National FFA Week

OFW Law is proud to represent and advise clients that are on the cutting edge of the food and agricultural industry. Our clients include the input suppliers, farmers and ranchers, food and meat processors, support services, and trade associations tha… Read More
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Hot Dogs on the Hill

Former Congressman and OFW Law Senior Policy Advisor Charlie Stenholm (D-TX) greets six-time Major League Baseball Gold Glove Award winning catcher Jim Sundberg, who spent 12 years with the Texas Rangers, at the American Meat Institute’s (AMI) Annu… Read More
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A Farm Bill by the Boot Straps

After two years of not passing a Farm Bill out of the House, it should be obvious to everyone that Farm Bills, as we have known and passed them, are over. This time around, a majority wanted to end direct payments; the Farm Bill did that. Most Member… Read More
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