Welcoming New Leadership at the CPSC

Although it took a while, new leadership has finally come to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. After a flurry of last minute activity—and a rejection of the Administration’s direction concerning new regulations—earlier this week, Elliot K… Read More
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CPSC: Closing the Books on 2016

This is a time for reflection. Looking back on the past year, it really was not a great one for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). And, sadly, many of the agency’s problems were of its own making. While many of the initiatives that are… Read More
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A Course Correction at the CPSC?

Wow! Last Tuesday was quite something! Throughout Washington, folks are now trying to figure out what the new Administration will mean for our country. But so far I have not seen anything written about what the CPSC will look like going into 2017, so… Read More
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CPSC: Let’s Play Penalty Roulette

Commissioner Mohorovic has just issued a thoughtful statement discussing the black hole that the Consumer Product Safety Commission calls its civil penalty policy. This statement follows another he filed this week discussing the $4.5 million penalty… Read More
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CPSC: Navigating an Unmarked Channel

Last week, Commissioners Buerkle and Mohorovic each issued a statement on a civil penalty settlement involving glass tumblers manufactured by Teavana. Each is a thoughtful statement and both should be read by anyone interested in how the Consumer Pro… Read More
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The Leap Year Effect at the CPSC

By former CPSC Commissioner Nancy Nord Leap year occurs every four years when an additional day is added to the calendar—February 29. This is a corrective measure to account for a lack of precision in the earth’s orbit around the sun. According t… Read More
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