Take a Look at CPSC’s Regulatory Robot

Last week the CPSC’s Office of Small Business Ombudsman unveiled a new tool to help businesses marketing new consumer products navigate the complex CPSC regulatory landscape. This useful new tool is called the Regulatory Robot. The program asks sma… Read More
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Regulatory Reform Bills Could Improve Agency Rulemaking

By former CPSC Commissioner Nancy Nord, as published on The Hill’s Congress Blog The legislative agenda of the 114th Congress shows a growing concern that regulatory activities of both independent and executive branch agencies have pushed the e… Read More
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The Public Isn’t Buying What the CPSC Is Selling

By former CPSC Commissioner Nancy Nord The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) may want to help people sleep better at night, but their actions are more likely to keep people up or give them nightmares. This past week the CPSC re-announced… Read More
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