CPSC: Closing the Books on 2016

This is a time for reflection. Looking back on the past year, it really was not a great one for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). And, sadly, many of the agency’s problems were of its own making. While many of the initiatives that are… Read More
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A Course Correction at the CPSC?

Wow! Last Tuesday was quite something! Throughout Washington, folks are now trying to figure out what the new Administration will mean for our country. But so far I have not seen anything written about what the CPSC will look like going into 2017, so… Read More
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EU-US Regulatory Cooperation: Strides Made, but More Can Be Done

Earlier this week, the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center released a significant report, “International Regulatory Cooperation: Benefits, Limitations, and Best Practices.” This report builds on earlier work done by the Center… Read More
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The Leap Year Effect at the CPSC

By former CPSC Commissioner Nancy Nord Leap year occurs every four years when an additional day is added to the calendar—February 29. This is a corrective measure to account for a lack of precision in the earth’s orbit around the sun. According t… Read More
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Killer Coffee Mugs?! Really?!

By former CPSC Commissioner Nancy Nord Did anyone else notice CPSC’s recent recall of ceramic mugs? The agency is concerned about 4400 mugs with hairline cracks. The hazard is not that they could break and cut the user, or that there could be sanit… Read More
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Not Worried About the CPSC? Better Think Again!

I am honored to be a new addition to the talented legal team here at OFW Law. Since joining the firm two weeks ago, I have been amazed at the breadth, depth and diversity of the talent here. Since the firm includes not only exceptional lawyers and po… Read More
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