Intentional Adulteration Mitigation Strategies – Initial Draft Guidance

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act contained provisions aimed at preventing intentional adulteration from acts intended to cause wide-scale harm to public health, including acts of terrorism targeting the food supply. This was the first time that… Read More
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Long-Awaited Guidance Documents on Revised Nutrition Labeling Released in Draft by FDA

FDA has published two Federal Register notices (see here and here) announcing the availability of draft guidance documents that are intended to help address issues raised by the agency’s final rules (see here and here) amending Nutrition Facts and… Read More
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CFSAN Issues Updated Guidance on Food Facility Registration

FDA today published notification of the availability of an updated, draft guidance on food facility registration, Questions and Answers Regarding Food Facility Registration (Seventh Edition): Guidance for Industry (Nov. 2016). Publication of this dra… Read More
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FDA Extends Compliance Date on Menu Labeling

FDA announced today it will give restaurants and “similar retail food establishments” an additional year – until December 1, 2016 — to comply with its menu labeling rule. The final rule originally required compliance by December 1, 2015.… Read More
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