2015 In Retrospect

Happy New Year, readers!  Yet another year has come and gone.  I hope that 2015 was a good year for you, professionally and personally.  As I look back on 2015, here are a few developments that caught my attention. In January, the House Energy and… Read More
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Partially Hydrogenated Oils – GMA Petition to Allow Limited Uses Clears a Hurdle

FDA today announced that it has filed a petition submitted by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) to amend the food additive regulations to provide for the safe use of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in limited food applications. Readers m… Read More
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FDA Issues Guidance Documents on the Use of Nanotechnology in FDA-Regulated Materials

By Mark L. Itzkoff On June 24, 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released three final and one draft guidance document regarding the use of nanotechnology in the manufacture of FDA-regulated products.  Specifically, the agency issued the… Read More
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NRDC Issues Report Critical of GRAS Self-Determinations and CSPI Joins in Criticism

By Mark L. Itzkoff On April 7, 2014, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) issued its latest report on GRAS self-determinations, entitled Generally Recognized as Secret: Chemicals Added to Food in the United States.  We previously reported o… Read More
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A Consumer Group Files Suit to Vacate FDA’s GRAS Notification Program

By Mark L. Itzkoff In a formal challenge to FDA’s GRAS Notification Program, a consumer group called the Center for Food Safety (CFS) filed a lawsuit on Thursday alleging that FDA’s operation of the program under a proposed rule since 1997 and i… Read More
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FDA Tentatively Concludes Partially Hydrogenated Oils Are No Longer Generally Recognized as Safe – WHY NOW?

By Bruce Silverglade* Consumption of trans fatty acids in the United States has decreased sharply in recent years due to efforts by the food industry to reformulate foods and replace partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) with other ingredients.  Accor… Read More
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PEW Report’s Mischaracterization of GRAS Process Leads to Questionable Conclusions

By Mark L. Itzkoff As someone who has worked with numerous food companies on food additive and GRAS issues for 25 years, I read with interest the August 7, 2013, article, Conflicts of Interest in Approvals of Additives to Food Determined to Be Gener… Read More
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