Doom and Gloom: FSIS Provides Recommendations to Retailers on Listeria Control

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has authority under the Federal Meat and Poultry Products Inspection Acts to ensure that products are not adulterated at retail and at all steps in the distribution chain. Retail operations are generally… Read More
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Data Driven Decision Making by Dr. Doom

When asked to visit an establishment to assess compliance, my first step is always to ask for data. Establishment food safety data, laboratory results, regulatory data, audits…. What story is being told? Is there a trend in the making? Upward trend… Read More
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Are You Prepared for An FSIS Compliance Visit?

Last month, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) reissued seven Directives relating to FSIS surveillance, investigation and enforcement activities. The Directives are available here. Together, these Directives provide a comprehensive set of… Read More
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Get to the Roots, Don’t Just Pluck the Weeds — A Practice Tip from Dr. Gloom

I am often asked to review responses to regulatory noncompliance or establishment corrective actions. Many times facilities are wondering why they have repeated occurrences of the “same problem,” or why the regulatory agency is repeatedly documen… Read More
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Interpreting FSIS Directives, Notices and Regulatory Documents (Who’s on First…)

When FSIS issues a regulation, they are required to do so by issuing a proposal in the Federal Register and seeking public input. The regulations are, in effect, the laws that govern the way an establishment can operate. The regulations for the meat… Read More
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FSIS Rule Expanding Generic Label Approval Should Benefit Industry, but at What Cost?

Last week, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) published a final rule to significantly expand the categories of meat and poultry labels that may be generically approved without formally submitting them to FSIS for approval, as well as a Lab… Read More
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