Reflections on Product Safety Impacts of the Government Shutdown

With the government back to work, at least for 3 weeks, now is a good time to reflect on the impact of the shutdown, in the hope that history will not repeat itself in this instance. We have all heard stories of the personal and financial toll the go… Read More
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Government shutdowns - Who dreamed up this crazy idea?

In all the drama and commotion over the government shutdown, now in its third week, with 800,000 federal employees going without paychecks and services disappearing by the day, all prompted by President Trump’s insistence on funding his proposed Me… Read More
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John Block: What’s going on in Washington

By former USDA Secretary John R. Block For most farmers across the U.S. there is a big sigh of relief. The harvest is over. Time to sit back and relax. Well, there is no time for relaxation here in the Nation’s Capital. This has been a very busy we… Read More
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Bienvenue Aux Etats-Unis!

With so many of our respected friends and colleagues furloughed, federal agency budgets decimated, or wholly dependent on user fees to operate, and so much important business on hold due to the intransigent federal budget showdown, it’s not surpris… Read More
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Building the Relationship

In a time when there is an information vacuum, I would encourage all meat and poultry establishment operators to “build the relationship” with their FSIS inspection program personnel (IPP). While these individuals have a specific job to perform,… Read More
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It Is “That” Time of Year

No, it is not time to face the Christmas shopping crowds, the kids have their back to school supplies, and we have made our fantasy football selections. So what is it I am supposed to be dreading? Oh yes, final days for government budgets, continuing… Read More
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