2014 And 2015

As we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015, it’s time for a little backward and forward looking. Here’s what we saw in the 2014 rear view mirror in our little corner of the Universe devoted to the regulatory aspects of foods, drugs, medical devic… Read More
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Thirty Years of Hatch Waxman

OFW Law Celebrates 35 Years of Successes in Drug/Healthcare Privacy Practices (Part I) Since its inception in 1979, OFW Law’s Drugs, Biologics, and Controlled Substances and Healthcare Privacy practices have focused on myriad regulatory issues aris… Read More
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Hatch-Waxman Turns 30 – A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Happy Birthday, Hatch-Waxman! You’re a mature 30-year old now, a regular adult. Some personal musings on my stroll down the Hatch-Waxman Memory Lane over the past 30-plus years follow. A small background digression: For those of you in the FDA regu… Read More
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