2012 Federal Crop Insurance Saved 20,900 Local Jobs in Four States

If anyone doubted the huge role that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Federal crop insurance program is playing this year in protecting rural America from economic disaster following last summer’s historic drought, a new study… Read More
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USDA Ag Outlook Forum Tomorrow

Don’t miss our very own Ken Ackerman at the 2013 USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum tomorrow, February 21, moderating the panel discussion on Managing Financial Risk in Agriculture. Appearing with Ken will be: Juan Garcia, Administrator, Farm Serv… Read More
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A Victory for Farmers

USDA’s National Appeals Division Upholds Farm Service Agency’s “Finality Rule” By Kenneth D. Ackerman Recently, we at OFW Law had the chance to help two Connecticut farmers win rulings from USDA’s National Appeals Division f… Read More
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RMA Should Change the Rules on Its Ineligible List

By Kenneth D. Ackerman The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Appeals Division (NAD) is a great forum for farmers who have disputes with USDA agencies, and want to address them quickly and inexpensively. I often advise farmers tha… Read More
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An Idea for Barack Obama: Why Not Pick Sen. Dick Lugar as Secretary of State?

By Kenneth D. Ackerman, as published on The Huffington Post So, President Obama, you need a new Secretary of State to replace Hillary Clinton, but you don’t like any of the choices sitting on your desk? You think Susan Rice deserves it and woul… Read More
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History Suggests Grand Bargain to Avert Fiscal Cliff

By Kenneth D. Ackerman, as published in Bloomberg News. The “fiscal cliff,” a combination of tax increases and severe spending cuts scheduled to kick in next year, is a product of multiple deceptions. Both the expiration date on the Bush-era tax… Read More
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Abraham Lincoln’s Convention: Chicago 1860, by Kenneth D. Ackerman...Now Available!

Abraham Lincoln’s Convention: Chicago 1860, compiled and presented by OFW Law’s very own Kenneth D. Ackerman, is now available! An eBook original and part of a series called History Shorts/Original Voices, it tells the story of Lincoln’s su… Read More
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