“Dietary Supplement” is a Proper Statement of Identity

FDA has revised a guidance document to acknowledge that “Dietary Supplement” alone properly may be used as the statement of identity in labeling a dietary supplement. Announcement of this revision was published in a Federal Register notice on Mar… Read More
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Pets Are Us: Safety First

By Marshall Matz and Jolyda O. Swaim, as published in Agri-Pulse We love our pets! There are approximately 80 million dogs in the United States and a similar number of cats. More than half of all American households share their home with at least one… Read More
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Declaring Small Amounts of Nutrients and Dietary Ingredients on Nutrition Labels

FDA has published Federal Register notice of a draft guidance document, entitled “FDA’s Policy on Declaring Small Amounts of Nutrients and Dietary Ingredients on Nutrition Labels: Guidance for Industry” (July 2015). Issuance of the draft guidan… Read More
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Device Firms: What You Should Know About The 21st Century Cures Act

Last month, legislation that would affect, among other things, FDA’s regulation of medical devices and the manufacturers of such devices took a considerable step forward when it was introduced and then unanimously approved by the House Energy and C… Read More
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John Block: GMOs Under Assault

By John R. Block We can’t seem to silence or satisfy the loud scream of opposition to GE crops. The reason probably is that up until now we have ignored them. It’s time to stand up and set the record straight. GE food is safe and even beneficial… Read More
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Clearing Up Confusion: The Net Quantity of Contents Declaration on Food Labels

By Robert A. Hahn The FDA’s food labeling regulations include some traps for the unwary. A few of those traps have to do with the net quantity of contents declaration. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind when declaring a food product’s ne… Read More
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