The Public Isn’t Buying What the CPSC Is Selling

By former CPSC Commissioner Nancy Nord The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) may want to help people sleep better at night, but their actions are more likely to keep people up or give them nightmares. This past week the CPSC re-announced… Read More
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“Hide No Harm” Channels Public’s Safety Concerns

Last week, the Senate Commerce Committee marked up legislation reauthorizing the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA). Why should a food company, a company that makes medical devices or a one that sells consumer products have this on its ra… Read More
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Not Worried About the CPSC? Better Think Again!

I am honored to be a new addition to the talented legal team here at OFW Law. Since joining the firm two weeks ago, I have been amazed at the breadth, depth and diversity of the talent here. Since the firm includes not only exceptional lawyers and po… Read More
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Former Consumer Products Safety Commissioner Nancy Nord Joins OFW Law

We are pleased to announce that Nancy Nord, former Acting Chair of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, has joined OFW Law as Of Counsel. Nord is a nationally recognized expert on safety regulation and corporate compliance with a wea… Read More
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