What Would You Change About the Federal Government?

President Trump issued an Executive Order (Reorganization EO) on March 13 directing the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to submit a comprehensive plan to reorganize Executive Branch departments and agencies. OMB has now issued a Memorandum for… Read More
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Pity the Poor APA: How President Trump has Crippled Federal Rulemaking in Ten Short Days

Views expressed in this post are intended as solely those of the author. Nothing is more boring than the Federal notice-and-comment rulemaking process under the Federal Administrative Procedures Act (APA). It is dry, obscure, and complex. Trust me, I… Read More
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Priebus' January 20 Memorandum on Regulatory Freeze Pending Review

A memorandum from the President’s Chief of Staff, dated Friday, January 20, but released this afternoon via the Federal Register, directs all departmental and agency heads to forestall regulatory actions. Previous administrations, including the… Read More
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Political Science or Sound Science – Is the White House Dictating Nutrition Labeling Reform?

The White House’s role with USDA’s regulations for school foods and the WIC feeding program has been widely reported. Lesser known is the White House involvement in FDA food labeling policy. To commemorate the anniversary of the Let’s Move! cam… Read More
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I Filed My Comment on FDA’s Proposed FSMA Regulations – Now What Do I Do?

The comment periods for many of FDA’s proposed regulations implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) have closed or are soon slated to end. Hundreds of companies and trade associations have filed comments with the agency; some believe t… Read More
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