FARMERS: Yes, heavy spring rains can affect your FCIC crop insurance coverage.

It’s no secret that weeks of heavy rain and snow melt have wreaked havoc with farm operations across the Midwest this spring. Sixty tornadoes hit the lower plains last weekend alone, and rivers in some areas are cresting at levels not seen since th… Read More
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Texas and Florida Farmers: Time to Face Crop Loss

It will take months to calculate the damage Hurricanes Harvey and Irma unleashed this summer on the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Florida: dozens of lost lives, hundreds of thousands of destroyed homes, tens of billions in property damage and untol… Read More
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Crop Insurance: Priority # 1

As published in Agri-Pulse “I have sometimes thought it might be well to establish an office of insurance for farms against the damage that may occur to them from storms, blights, insects, etc. A small sum paid by a number would repair such los… Read More
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A Tale of Two Maps: Why Crop Insurance Is Different.

People often ask why Washington has to involve itself at all in providing crop insurance to American farmers. After all, homeowners across the country buy fire insurance, individuals buy life insurance, business owners buy casualty and liability insu… Read More
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RMA’s 2.2 Percent “Improper Payment” Rate: Why this Matters.

At the recent crop insurance industry conference in Indian Wells, California, Brandon Willis, administrator of USDA’s Risk Management Agency or RMA, surprised many and made some trade-press headlines by announcing a seemingly-obscure statistic: tha… Read More
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Arbitration in Federal Crop Insurance AIP-Farmer Disputes

This past year, USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA), which administers the Federal crop insurance program on behalf of USDA’s Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC), quietly issued three new regulatory interpretations with deep implications fo… Read More
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USDA Announces New Operating Margin Protection Crop Insurance Option

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Risk Management Agency (RMA) announced this week the availability of a new crop insurance coverage option that provides producers with coverage against an unexpected decrease in their operating margin… Read More
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RMA Announces Expanded Crop Insurance Options

USDA’s Risk Management Agency has issued a press release announcing an expansion of the crop insurance program to address losses due to severe weather. Among the changes, RMA has broadened the options for farmers who select the Supplemental Cov… Read More
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