For Drought-Hit Farmers, USDA’s Federal Crop Insurance Can Help, But Only If You Understand the Rules

The severe drought that had plagued the American Southwest over the past three years – the worst in modern memory – has taken a toll on many local businesses, taxpayers, and homeowners, but among its worst casualties have been American fa… Read More
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The 2014 Farm Bill: The Challenge for Farm Producers

The 2014 Farm Bill creates a new environment for American agriculture far more friendly to producers who are experienced and comfortable using USDA’s Federal crop insurance program under the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC). Not only did C… Read More
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The 2014 Farm Bill: A Challenge for Federal Crop Insurance AIPs

Companies participating in USDA’s Federal crop insurance program (Approved Insurance Providers or “AIPs”) have much to like about the new 2014 Farm Bill being finalized on Capitol Hill this week. Congress repealed a slew of traditional agricult… Read More
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RMA “Self Certification”: Can Federal Crop Insurance AIPs Rely on It In Defending Against Farmer Claims?

Federal crop insurance provided by USDA’s Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) and participating private companies (Approved Insurance Providers or AIPs) is often described as a program based on “self-certification.” Farmers annually repor… Read More
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