FDA Maintains Focus on Nutrition to Foster Human Health

In a speech, entitled “Reducing the Burden of Chronic Disease,” delivered on March 29th by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb before the National Food Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., FDA kicked-off its Nutrition Innovation Strategy. F… Read More
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Analysis of FDA’s Nutrition Policy Priorities for 2018

The FDA recently released a “2018 Strategic Policy Roadmap” outlining (among other things) its nutrition-related policy priorities for the coming year. In the Roadmap, FDA lists nutrition as one of its four top issues for this year. The Agency ai… Read More
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2016 – Gone But Not Forgotten

Happy 2017, everyone! 2016 has come and gone. Looking at 2016 in my rear-view mirror, here are a few matters that caught my personal attention. As food and drug lawyers and corporate execs in regulated companies know (or definitely should know!), ind… Read More
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FDA Extends Comment Periods on “Voluntary” Sodium Reduction Goals for Foods

FDA has published Federal Register notice of an extension of the comment periods for issues pertaining to its draft guidance, entitled “Voluntary Sodium Reduction Goals: Target Mean and Upper Bound Concentrations for Sodium in Commercially Proc… Read More
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“Voluntary” FDA Sodium Targets May Bind Food Companies

FDA yesterday released so-called “voluntary” targets for sodium reduction for 150 categories of foods. A spreadsheet issued by the agency details baseline sodium content for each of the categories and lists short-term and long-term targets. In it… Read More
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New York City Does It Again, Requiring a High Sodium Warning

Just when you thought FDA menu labeling requirements were final and had preempted state and local laws, New York City’s (NYC) Board of Health approved on September 9 a new sodium warning label. The new law requires “covered establishments” (inc… Read More
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Food Policy: Lots to Do with a Limited Number of Legislative Days

Policy wonks could say that they have been thrilled these past two weeks. Congress spent a great deal of time dealing with specific issues related to nutrition standards, and finished with a historic joint committee hearing that focused on the interp… Read More
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2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report Mixes Science and Policy

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) submitted its report to the Secretaries of Agriculture and Health and Human Services last month and disbanded. It is now up to the USDA and HHS to take the DGAC’s conclusions and recommendations… Read More
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What should we be eating? We are getting hammered from every angle about what is good for us versus what is bad. Too many carbs, stay away from red meat, don’t trust GE foods, sugar will make you fat. The government wants to regulate. We have been… Read More
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