Farm Bill Redefines Dairy and Trade Activities

By Nathan Fretz On February 7, the President signed the Agricultural Act of 2014 (the “Farm Bill”) into law. Over a series of blog posts, we will focus on various provisions within the Farm Bill, with a particular focus on some of the provisions… Read More
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John Block: U.S. Corn and China's Bad Faith Collide

By John R. Block, as published in the Des Moines Register As complex as the world trading system has become, it still fundamentally relies on something as simple as trust — that nations and people will be as good as their word. Most basically, it r… Read More
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Happy New Year? Farm Bill Blues

By Marshall L. Matz, as published by Agri-Pulse A few weeks ago Vice President Biden presented the George McGovern Award to Bob Dole for his effort in the fight against global hunger. The ceremony was sponsored by the World Food Program and held in t… Read More
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10 Ag-Related Items to Watch in 2014

By John G. Dillard, as published on his Blog – Ag in the Courtroom With 2013 nearly in the books and the holiday season nearly behind us, its time to prepare for the challenges that face us in the coming year. While I am no expert on fore… Read More
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John Block: What’s In The Farm Bill?

The obvious issues in the farm bill are nutrition programs, crop insurance, and farm safety net supports. However, there are some important sections in the bill that could be almost as important that don’t get much attention. The first one deals wi… Read More
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John Block: Free Trade With Europe

We should get a farm bill in January. It appears that we now have a budget. That helps because now the Ag Department will know how much money the Department has to spend. Let’s keep the pressure on to get it done. The subject that I want to focus o… Read More
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John Block: Farm Bill Conflict

We don’t have a budget yet. We don’t have a farm bill. House Ag Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) hopes to have a draft bill by week’s end. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Senate Ag Committee Chair, acknowledges there are a lot of differences to be… Read More
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Canada, Mexico Think U.S. Labeling Requirements are un-COOL

The United States has irked its neighbors with a meat labeling mandate that may have the effect of discriminating against Canadian and Mexican livestock. The Canadian and Mexican governments believe that USDA’s new mandatory Country-of-Origin-Label… Read More
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