Doom and Gloom Certified as Lead Instructors for FSCPA Preventive Controls for Human Food

Happy Holidays from OFW Law’s Dr. Barbara Masters, D.V.M., and Jolyda Swaim, A.K.A Dr. Doom and Ms. Gloom. As 2016 approaches, it is time for many of you to start considering the need to comply with the mandatory training requirements for Quali… Read More
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OFW Law Launches FDA DevicEd Training Initiative

OFW Law is proud to announce the launch of its FDA DevicEd Training Initiative. The initiative is devoted to providing high quality FDA regulatory training to foreign and domestic medical device companies and the advisors who assist them. Interactive… Read More
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Get to the Roots, Don’t Just Pluck the Weeds — A Practice Tip from Dr. Gloom

I am often asked to review responses to regulatory noncompliance or establishment corrective actions. Many times facilities are wondering why they have repeated occurrences of the “same problem,” or why the regulatory agency is repeatedly documen… Read More
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Food Stamp Vendors Face Increased Eligibility Requirements and Oversight Following Implementation of Farm Bill’s SNAP Provisions

The 2014 Farm Bill contains several important provisions which will impact retail stores that participate in the USDA Food and Nutrition Service’s (FNS) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The key changes for food stamp vendors includ… Read More
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