A Flurry of End-of-Year Activity from FDA on Food

In what seemed like a bit of end-of-year housekeeping, FDA issued a series of minor guidance documents, notices, and other regulatory paraphernalia related to food.  Coming in under the wire in 2014 were: A notice requesting nominations for non-voti… Read More
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OFW Law’s MMXIII in Retrospect

As MMXIV starts, it’s time for a retrospective look at MMXIII.  What follows is a list of noteworthy events from MMXIII in our food, drug, medical device, and agriculture corner of the universe, focusing on matters that were of particular interest… Read More
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“Serving Facts” for Alcohol Beverages—FINALLY!

Yesterday, a 9-year effort by consumer and public health groups, and beer, wine and spirits maker Diageo, succeeded when a unit of the Treasury Department issued a ruling permitting voluntary Serving Facts labels for alcohol beverages. The Treasury… Read More
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“Alcohol Facts” Becomes a Reality: FTC Requires Four Loko To Label Its Product

Nutrition Facts, Supplement Facts, Drug Facts…… Alcohol Facts?  For a number of years, alcoholic beverages have been the only category of consumable product that does not bear basic product information in a consumer-friendly form.  Conventional… Read More
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